XVII National Congress on Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. X Joint Mexico - U. S. Symposium

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México

November 13, 2017 – November 17, 2017


We are delighted to welcome plant scientists to the XVII Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Congress to be celebrated together with the X Mexico-USA Symposium. In 2017, this joint event will take place in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

In this beautiful beach location, we will have the opportunity to interact in the diverse topics that will be covered, such as Plant Ecology and Evolution, Biotic and Abiotic Interactions (in honor of Dr. Federico Sanchez), Research tools and Technologies, Metabolism, Development, and Genetic and Genomic regulation.

We hope this will be an enriching experience for all participants, and we look forward to meet you in the congress and together continue pushing forward plant sciences in Mexico and strengthen ties with our USA colleagues.

Invited Speakers



Keynote Lectures

Félix Recillas (Cellular Physiology Institute, Mexico City)

Epigenetic regulation, the epigenome and the 3D genome organization.


John Ryals (Metabolon, North Carolina)

Title to be announced

Alfredo Herrera (Langebio UGA, Cinvestav Irapuato)

Title to be announced


Sally Mckenzie (University of Nebraska)

Behavior of epigenetic memory and its associated genetic networks.

Plenary Lectures



Ecology and Evolution



Barbara Ambrose (New York Botanical Garden, New York)

The evolution and development of the land plant body plan; a tale told by lycophytes and ferns.


Ulises Yunuén Rosas López (Botany Institute, UNAM, México City)

Natural variation of root system architecture in Arabidopsis.

Matthew Hufford (Iowa State University, Iowa)

The genomic basis of adaptation in distinct highland regions across the Americas.



Biotic and Abiotic Interactions (Homenaje Dr. Federico Sánchez)



Luis Vidali (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts)

The moss Physcomitrella patens as a model system for Plant Cell Biology.


Roberto Gaxiola (Arizona State University, Arizona)

Plant H+-PPases: Reversible enzymes with contrasting functions depend on membrane environment.

Ildefonso Bonilla (Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid)

The role of boron in the symbiotic Rhizobium-Legume system.


Miguel Lara (UNAM, Mexico City)

Symbiotic signaling in bean plants.

Research tools and technologies



Robert Winkler (Cinvestav, Unidad Irapuato)

Towards a real representation of plant metabolism with mass spectrometry.


Mahlia Gehlan (Danforth Center, Missouri)

Utilizing Natural Variation for Increased Crop Resilience Under Temperature Stress.





Marina Gavilanes (Chemistry Institute, UNAM, México City)

Sphingolipids as commanders of plant plasma membrane functions.



Patricia León (Biotechnology Institute, UNAM, Cuernavaca)

Title to be announced

Teresa Hernández (CICY, Mérida)

Title to be announced






Alejandra Vasco (Biology Institute, UNAM, Mexico City)

Molecular genetics of leaf development in the genus of ferns Elaphoglossum.


Doris Wagner (University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania)

Transcriptional and epigenetic control of developmental transitions.

Genetic and genomic regulation



Javier Palatnik (Molecular and Cellular Biology Institute, Rosario)

Control of cellular programs by microRNAs in plants.


Tzvetanka Dimitrova Dinkova (Chemistry School, UNAM, Mexico City)

Role of some canonical and non-canonical translation factors in response to stress.


Ruairidh Sawers (Langebio-UGA, Cinvestav Irapuato)

Friends in high places: introgression from wild-relatives in the adaptation of maize to the central highlands of Mexico




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